"Fuck the bullshit"


Too many people live their lives without actually living THEIR lives! They will always have the “WHAT IF?” question somewhere in the back of their minds. Our TRUE potential doesn’t answer that question, it ensures that you never have to ask yourself that!

I know that there’s no such thing as a quick-fix. And no solution that fits all. But the more experience I’ve gained and the more I’ve explored patterns and behaviors, the more I’ve come to realize that a lot of our challenges and questions are universal.

Throughout my life I’ve been the kind of person whom I today try to save others from being. I’ve been driven by external confirmation and others approval. I’ve used every substance known to mankind to flee the same things I today embrace -my feelings and my thoughts.

A couple of years ago I hit the brick wall. Life gave me challenges I wasn’t equipped to handle and I, very unwillingly I have to admit, had to hit the break. And the things that happens in a persons mind and soul when you have to stop running…for me that became a life changing experience. All of a sudden I had to face, and deal with, the really deep stuff that I, consciously and unconsciously, had been running away from.

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The most common question you get when you hit the brick wall is “when are you gonna be your old self again?” People ask that with the best of intentions BUT that is the hardest question to get because you know in your soul that you can never go back. You want to be able to say “I’m back within three weeks and then it’s business as usual”… But you know that that won’t happen unless you want to end up not just hitting, but f—ing killing yourself hitting, the brick wall! You have to create a new version of yourself and that is scary but if you’re ready to face your own lies and all your explanatory models, this moment will be the most mind-blowing moment in your life. The moment when you start discover your TRUE self and hence your TRUE potential.

I created my own rehabilitation program. Using every skill I’ve required in my work as a coach and facilitator for development programmes combined with a hell of a lot of research within everything from hardcore new-age stuff to the latest on human behaviors, stress, motivation and general phycology. I used myself as a guinea pig and all of a sudden people started noticing my transformation. A transformation I sometimes didn’t even see myself. A transformation into being the best version of myself I’ve ever been. It didn’t just run smoothly… Some people were intimidated by this new version because the truer I became towards myself, the truer I became towards others. And sometimes the truth hurts. But that’s just temporarily. That’s just when you clean out the lies. After that is done the truth truly is what sets you free. Free to be the person you’re meant to be. Free to live your TRUE potential.

Throughout this process I didn’t just use myself as a guinea pig. When I started to see the massive changes in myself I invited more guinea pigs to try it out, and it worked!

In this blog I share perspectives, thoughts, tools and weird stuff that hopefully make you want to be a guinea pig in your own life! A guinea pig that realizes it’s TRUE potential and never have to ask the question “what if…?”