Why embracing courage is way more important then you might think…

And how you, if embracing fear, will contribute to f**k up this world! 

Fearful people blame others for everything that isn’t working. They become ignorant to the surroundings, to busy justifying the choices they make with everyone else’s shortcoming. They don’t take responsibility of their own actions since everything that is f**ked up is someone else’s fault. And that’s just the beginning of a whole cycle of negatives… Blaming others doesn’t implicate any solutions, it implies focusing on “the others” as a problem and if only “the others” can change then the problem is solved. When we don’t work towards a solution people becomes dissatisfied with the situation and start to not just blame others but also hate “the others”. Hate creates more fear and the spinning wheel just spins faster and faster and includes more and more people and situations.

Courageous people take responsibility of their actions. They don’t blame others. Instead they become aware of everything that is happening around them and include this in figuring out solutions. Solutions that includes everyone that is a part of the problem. They don’t need to hate simply because they already figured out that that is just a waste of energy. Energy that should be used in figuring out the best solutions possible for every given situation. Since courageous people solve problems they create satisfaction. And satisfaction fuels well-being, compassion and love, which in its turn create more courage.

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that even small decisions made out of fear have a greater impact then you might think… But the good thing is that the same goes for decisions made out of courage!!!

Please, be a part of the courageous wheel! Whether it’s a small decision in your everyday life or bigger decisions that will influence the world, find the courage, ignore the fear because it will make a change!!!

Ps. you can read more about blaming others here!

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