"you can have results or excuses-not both"


I help people optimize their true potential! I either coach, lecture, design programmes or write books… I work with individuals, teams, leaders and everyone in between. For me the form isn’t the most important factor, the result is!

What I write in my CV:

Jenny Collén Gustafsson, 44 years old, living in Sweden and Dubai

Business developer, coach, lecturer, facilitator and author

Master of science in business and economics and certified project manager

Entrepreneur since 2008: Designing development programmes for start-ups, talents and leaders in Sweden and the Middle East

Published a book (with a complete manual) for starting your own business “Konsten att vara entreprenör” (only available in Swedish) in 2013 in collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional growth.

Companies and organisations I’ve worked with; The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, ALMI Business partner, Bureau of innovation, Vinnova, Berghs School of Communication, Bonnier Corporation, Scania, Volvo, Handelsbanken, SEB, PWC, Telenor, SPP, Vectura, Young Presidents Organization, Government of Åland, Doberman, Telge, FSO, Science Park Gotland, Swedish Championship in Economics, Klara K, Days of Growth, Hyper Island, EFG and many more.

Currently writing on my second book “Intuition is the new black™”

But what truly has formed my mission in life isn’t my CV, it’s my own life story. 

My life story isn’t beautiful, to be honest it’s quite the opposite. It contains a dysfunctional family, drug abuse, alcoholism, depressions, bullying etc. etc.. I’ve always been a restless soul, sometimes being able to cope with it in a constructive way but a lot of the times fallen into extremely destructive patterns. If I were to write down all the different jobs I’ve had or the numerous educations I’ve signed up for (and never finished…) you would be bored so I just sum it all up with the fact that it has been a hell of a lot.

But that life has given me the greatest gift of all! A mission that I never question! The mission to help as many as I can optimize their true potential. A mission that I embrace every day because I know what it means to be lost. To know that you don’t live the life you want to but not knowing what the life you want to live looks like. To know that you have so much more potential inside you but not how to manifest it.

Throughout my life I’ve come across extremely diversified groups of people. Everyone from A-students, junkies, hippies, celebrities, entrepreneurs, leaders, CEO’s, religious, nonreligious, Europeans, Americans, Asians, Arabs, Africans etc. etc. And I’ve realized that we’re all facing the same core problem, the problems just manifests in slightly different ways.

I eat, sleep and live with the question why. Why are we here, why do we behave the way we do, why do we believe in our thoughts, why do we limit ourselves, why do we victimize ourselves, why isn’t the world just happy go lucky, why are people depressed, why do we get anxiety…the list goes on and on.

There is no answer that “fits all” but my own life story and coaching others has given me a hell of a lot of experience throughout the years and from that I create tools. It can be a new perspective, a model, a method, a quote, a picture, a lecture…whatever tool I can come up with that makes it easier for each person to find their own truth, hence optimizing their true potential!

All the best!