The secret behind all game changers!

Throughout my career I’ve interviewed more than 500 people. A great number of these people are what we call game changers. People that in one way or the other has made a difference and thereby changed the game. But what makes a game changer? And is there something all of these people have in common that we can learn of? And maybe copy…? 

Through my interviews I found that the people we refer to as game changers has a couple of things in common:

  1. They trusted their gut feeling – at some point in their life they got a strong idea, feeling or vision. So strong that they knew they had to make it a reality. The gut told them that this was the way to go and even if their minds sometimes questioned everything they chose to trust that gut feeling.
  2. They didn’t take no for an answer – and they got a lot of no’s…
  3. They didn’t give up – even when nobody understood what they were doing.

What I believe is the most important part is to trust your intuition! I believe that we in the near future will be able to explain intuition without including new-age and marijuana… I actually think that quantum physics will show us that intuition is were we connect to the universe and are shown our true purpose but I save this for my next coming book otherwise this will be a very long blog post….

But regardless, trusting your intuition is the key when you’re creating something new. Trust that vision you’ve got! Trust what your gut is telling you. Sometimes we don’t get it, maybe even end up on a path we never anticipated, maybe faced with challenges that we wished we never had but I guarantee you that further down the road, all of the experiences make sense!

Trusting your intuition might take you out of your comfort zone. And when we’re changing the game we have to step out of our comfort zone! If you have something that your passionate about – go after it! Have faith in yourself that you’ll be able to deal with all the challenges that your mind is telling you might occur.

When we think about game changers we often think about people who has made massive changes with a massive impact. And some will but the absolute majority of us won’t make a massive impact but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be game changers. Think about it! Small changes can also have a great impact! Maybe not to the masses but for people around you and for yourself!

Only you know what your game looks like today but if you want to change it you can! Just listen to your intuition and trust that what it’s telling you is true and you can do it!!! To take a couple of steps towards trusting your intuition you might want to read a bit more about optimizing your potential.


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