The entrepreneur’s major question is “WHAT the f–k do i focus on?” and the employee’s is “WHY the f–k am I doing this?”

An entrepreneur is often driven by a strong belief. For them, the question “why do you do what you do”, is the easy one to answer. But when you start questioning how they manage their time and what they focus on the answer isn’t as easy. They often tend to focus on tasks that they enjoy doing and procrastinate stuff they don’t enjoy.

Employees on the other hand often have a straightforward answer to the question “what do you do”. The question that preoccupies them at times is why they do what they do. 

If you want to optimize your potential you need to be able to answer both of these questions. An entrepreneur that is driven by a strong belief, a mission, but isn’t able to focus on the right stuff isn’t using her full potential. It’s like driving a racing car with a flat tire. You have the power but you just won’t be able to use it at its fullest.

And for the employee, you might have perfect tires but the engine isn’t operating at its fullest. Your mission in life isn’t manifested in what you do and you often wonder of into the “what if” question.

When I coach entrepreneurs they’re often challenged defining exactly what they spend their time on. Their feeling is that they work so hard and for me to question that is an insult. But my job isn’t to confirm what we both know isn’t beneficiary, my job is to reveal all the explanatory models that holds you back. Time is constant. The only thing that makes time relevant is what you chose to spend it on. Even if you feel you’re working all of the time, please ask yourself if what you focus on really are the things that will make you optimize your potential.

When I coach employees they get challenged defining why they chose to spend their potential at the company their working for. They get carried away in explaining what a qualified work it is and that they’re really good at what they’re doing etc. etc. My counter normally is “do you ever say what if?” If you have that “what if” question somewhere in the back of your mind be honest towards yourself and ask yourself what is holding you back? What are the drivers for you not to pursue that? And if you find yourself caught up in explanatory models that you’ve heard yourself say over and over again, please investigate whether they’re really true or if you have said them so many times that you have made them into a truth!

When we admit that our explanatory models is not THE TRUTH but thoughts that are reducing our possibilities to benefit our true potential, then will be able to enjoy our true potential and choose the career that is right! If you feel that your why is solid, you’re on the right path and maybe just need to adjust what you spend your time on. If you feel that your what is solid, ensure that it’s in line with your why and if so, you’re also on the right path!

And if you feel that it’s time to “change the game” maybe reading about what makes a game changer might help!


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