Need a reboot for 2017? Skip the f**king N Y:s resolution and just do those two things!

If you spend 30 minutes (max) doing those two things I’ll tell you about, I guarantee you that 2017 will exceed all your expectations!

The secret behind all game changers!

Throughout my career I’ve interviewed more than 500 people. A great number of these people are what we call game changers. People that in one way or the other has made a difference and thereby changed the game. But what makes a game changer? And is there something all of these people have in common that we can learn of? And maybe copy…? 

If you want revenge – here’s the most effective way!

We all have them! The people that we believe have done us wrong. For some of us the list is long and for some of us shorter, but the fact is that we can’t go through life unaffected by the wrongdoings of others. What these wrongdoings initially create is often a deep urge to create the perfect revenge. And the perfect revenge includes making these people feel just as bad as they once has made us feel… Some uses voodoo dolls, some uses “get even”, the list of how to create the perfect revenge is often very creative. But trust me, there’s a way better method to get that sweet revenge!!!

Don’t strive for success as defined by others, define what it means to you and be truly successful!!

True success doesn’t arise from the approval from others. It occurs when you give approval to yourself. When we open a magazine and read about successful people the story is always more or less the same. And what these stories actually tell us is what society and norms regard as success, not what success is for you!

Why I believe that goals are limiting to your personal development!

A perspective that I’ve realized is very challenging for people is that I don’t believe in setting goals… But the truth is it works!