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Why making yourself a victim is a crime!

There’s hardly any crime worse than victimizing yourself! Making yourself a victim, using all the wrong-doings by others as an explanatory model for your own shortcomings is a horrible betrayal to all that you truly are!

Have a lot of voices in your head? Make sure you’re listening to the right one!

We all have them! Those voices in our head that goes on like a popcorn machine on steroids! Sometimes they’re so loud and so intense that it feels like the mind is going to explode…

Optimize your true potential-what does that mean???

As I see it there is different kind of potential but your true potential is as unique as every individual. For some it’s very obvious most for the majority it’s hidden behind norms, others expectations, society’s definition of success, classic career ladders, your own explanatory models…

Don’t strive for success as defined by others, define what it means to you and be truly successful!!

True success doesn’t arise from the approval from others. It occurs when you give approval to yourself. When we open a magazine and read about successful people the story is always more or less the same. And what these stories actually tell us is what society and norms regard as success, not what success is for you!

Why I believe that goals are limiting to your personal development!

A perspective that I’ve realized is very challenging for people is that I don’t believe in setting goals… But the truth is it works!