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A very simple method for building a great life!

Since I don’t believe in goals what do I believe makes a person take the necessary steps in life? Well I call it “one brick a day”…

None of us can change the past but all of us can change how we deal with it!

Have you done a lot of weird stuff in your life that hasn’t made any sense at the time? Things that, before we look at them a bit deeper, seems completely random? Are there things in your past that you’re hiding? Jobs that hasn’t been “strategically right” with regards to the career your pursuing at the moment? Gaps where you were “the wild one” or educations that you wonder why the f–k you signed up for? For me the answer is yes to all of the above and I can make the list even longer…

When life feels overwhelming – remember that everything that is behind you has at some point been in front of you!

Have you ever felt as if life sucks? As if the challenges you’re facing is coming at you at a speed that makes formula 1 races appear as a slow motion activity? As if your energy is reduced to the same level as the energy of a dead item and you don’t know how the f–k you going to get your life back on track?