Balance isn’t something we find, it’s something we create!!! First step: Challenges…

Creating balance has a lot to do with how you deal with challenges! What sometimes makes me sad is that the vast majority of people are clinging on to the dream that “some day I’ll have balance in my life” and it’s as if they put their happiness on hold and accept that they won’t be completely happy until that day. And meanwhile LIFE goes on, the actual life, not the imagined!

Need a reboot for 2017? Skip the f**king N Y:s resolution and just do those two things!

If you spend 30 minutes (max) doing those two things I’ll tell you about, I guarantee you that 2017 will exceed all your expectations!

Why making yourself a victim is a crime!

There’s hardly any crime worse than victimizing yourself! Making yourself a victim, using all the wrong-doings by others as an explanatory model for your own shortcomings is a horrible betrayal to all that you truly are!

Have a lot of voices in your head? Make sure you’re listening to the right one!

We all have them! Those voices in our head that goes on like a popcorn machine on steroids! Sometimes they’re so loud and so intense that it feels like the mind is going to explode…

If you want revenge – here’s the most effective way!

We all have them! The people that we believe have done us wrong. For some of us the list is long and for some of us shorter, but the fact is that we can’t go through life unaffected by the wrongdoings of others. What these wrongdoings initially create is often a deep urge to create the perfect revenge. And the perfect revenge includes making these people feel just as bad as they once has made us feel… Some uses voodoo dolls, some uses “get even”, the list of how to create the perfect revenge is often very creative. But trust me, there’s a way better method to get that sweet revenge!!!

When life feels overwhelming – remember that everything that is behind you has at some point been in front of you!

Have you ever felt as if life sucks? As if the challenges you’re facing is coming at you at a speed that makes formula 1 races appear as a slow motion activity? As if your energy is reduced to the same level as the energy of a dead item and you don’t know how the f–k you going to get your life back on track?