Optimize your true potential-what does that mean???

As I see it there is different kind of potential but your true potential is as unique as every individual. For some it’s very obvious most for the majority it’s hidden behind norms, others expectations, society’s definition of success, classic career ladders, your own explanatory models… The list goes on! But behind all this lies a potential that is true. That is aligned with everything you are and are meant to be. And when you find that potential and embrace it, well that’s when a whole new journey begins…

One of the great misconceptions is that it has to be this grand thing. That finding your true potential means that you’ll run of with either a bunch of hippies to be completely “with yourself” or that you’ll start this company that will revolutionize the world. For some that might happen but for the majority what it means is that you know how you should use yourself in the best way possible. It means that you will start experiencing life from your true core and make decisions that are in your best interest. It means that you’ll be honest to your true self! As I see it our true potential is a combination of:

What is important to you? If you look back at your life, can you see a pattern? For me (even though my life has been such a rollercoaster…) one thing is very clear I’ve always helped people gain new insights about themselves. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I never judge people because let’s face it, with my background there’s hardly anything that I even raise my eyebrows at, never the less would feel that I have any right to judge. And since I spent a lot of years wasting my potential I’ve made it into my mission to, if I can, never see anyone else waste their.

What comes natural to you? For me it has always been the ability to shift perspective and see things from all angles. And when you do that you tend to get a much bigger picture. It comes natural in every meeting with every individual. My brain is just wired that way and even though it sometimes is completely out of place I apparently can’t stop myself….

How do you express yourself? Knowing what is important, and what comes natural, to you – now it’s time to answer the question of how you express yourself! My expression is writing and drawing. It doesn’t matter what I talk about or whom I’m listening to, I always have to scribble.

What does your gut tell you? When do you feel good about yourself and when does your chest feel as if someone filled it up with concrete? For me intuition is one of the most exiting things I’ve come across and I will most likely dedicate many blogs on this subject but for now I’ll keep it short. Intuition, or gut feeling, is the best compass when it comes to finding your true self and true potential. It’s not some weird gift that some have and some don’t! It’s a fantastic gift that we all have, some of us choose to listen to it and some don’t and therefor some truly live their lives and some are barely passengers… How I see it is that our intuition is a combination of experience, quantum physics and our most authentic selves. It’s there to ensure that your unique potential will be used in the best way possible, for you and for the world. The common denominator, in my experience, between all people that we refer to as game changers didn’t listen to logic, they listened to their intuition.Listen to it!

When you answer all of these questions bare in mind that the first time around all your answers might be bullshit! Not because you consciously are trying to lie to yourself but because there are things that we view as “better” than other. And there are beliefs and norms in our society that affects us a lot more than we are aware of. Actually to a much wider extent than you normally reflect on. This is one of the reasons why finding your true potential and your true success is very challenging. It’s not just answering the questions, it’s going beyond what we normally would answer and ask ourselves if this answer really is yours or if it belongs to your parents, society, norms, prestige etc…

Answer them a couple of times with about a week in between. Unconsciously you’re starting a process. A process that will sort all the bullshit out and make you see what your true potential really is. Be honest with yourself, there’s no better or worse, your potential is what it is but one thing is for sure, when you start using it you’ll experience a transformation and the results that come out of it will be greater, and more true, than you ever could expect!!!



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