Lectures, workshops and consulting

Do you feel that you, your team, your company, your organization or anything in between, have more potential then you´re currently operating at? Maybe I can help you! Example of lectures and workshops:

  • Five steps to optimize your true potential! – Imagine a world where everybody is operating at their full, and true, potential… That world might seem as an utopia but we can all make contribute to that utopia! An inspiring lecture that gives you the tools to optimize your true potential. Suitable as an inspirational and motivational lecture for groups, businesses and organizations.
  • Creating genuine growth – when business and personal development goes hand in hand! – an inspiring lecture that combines business and personal development. Suitable for any business or organization, big or small, leaders and co-workers that needs to ensure that the employee’s full potential is used to secure the vision of the business.
  • If you don’t get caught up in stress it can never catch you! – Today, stress is one of the key factors that decreases productivity and quality of life. An inspiring lecture on how to ensure that you are able to deal with stress on a personal, and professional, level and hence create a workplace and a life that is both productive and gives you pleasure! Suitable for groups, businesses and organizations, big or small.
  • Become a game changer – lesson learned from hundreds of people who has changed the game! – an inspiring lecture on trusting your gut, create the courage needed, think outside the box and use your full potential to make this journey we call life into a journey well travelled. Suitable for groups, businesses and organizations that want to be in the front of its field. 
  • F–k the bullshit and get results beyond expected! – In a world of constant information it’s easy to get caught up in all the bullshit that surrounds us, both in our personal and professional life. The problem with all this bullshit is that, both individuals and businesses, uses words that don’t matter and after a while we’re lost. The business starts to lose customers and the individuals don’t operate at their true potential. Changing this creates results that you couldn’t even imagine! An inspiring lecture suitable for groups, businesses and organizations that needs to get back to the true mission.

In 2017 some of these topics will be available as digital courses.

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I work all over the world, currently in the Middle East and Sweden and work with my clients in real life or on Skype so I’m sure we can work something out!

All the best!

Jenny Collén Gustafsson