Don’t strive for success as defined by others, define what it means to you and be truly successful!!

True success doesn’t arise from the approval from others. It occurs when you give approval to yourself. When we open a magazine and read about successful people the story is always more or less the same. And what these stories actually tell us is what society and norms regard as success, not what success is for you!

True success is something everyone can experience! It’s not just for the people we read about in the magazines! True success comes from a feeling of accomplishment, of overcoming obstacles, growing yourself into the best version you can be. For some people those accomplishments give you a spot in the limelight, wealth, a title etc. etc. But for the absolute majority of us our accomplishments will pass without any greater recognition. Does that mean that we’re not successful?

Absolutely not! When we decide to own our own success, life as we know it changes. It’s one of those moments that will change your perspective on life for ever. A perspective, once you’ve gained it, that will change your game plan totally. When we give ourselves the right to define what success is, not going with the normative definition, we’re all of a sudden free to explore our lives in so many more ways then the obvious ones.

And one thing is clear! We have all faced challenges since they’re a part of life. And if you read this I trust that you’ve survived them and hopefully gained experiences that, if dealt with constructive, has given you new insights.

If you look back, have you done things in your life that you at some point never even could imagine? Have you been through situations that, if told to you in advance, you would never think you could manage? I think your answer is yes to both of these questions.

The only way to be unsuccessful is not acknowledging true success! If you don’t define what success is for you you will get caught up in the normative definition that is built upon comparison. You are 100 % unique and therefor your true success cannot be the same as someone else’s! Your true success comes from your true potential and not from someone else’s definition!






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